Custom Video Production, Website & Social media content, Corporate Sales Initiatives

Huntington Hospital on Long Island, a member of the Northwell Health Network, was experiencing issues with the chillers used to support the operating rooms in the building. Given the importance of the operating rooms to the overall hospital, Northwell reached out to Carrier to install new Air-Cooled Chillers for the facility. To display their capabilities in large-scale B2B projects Carrier enlisted FORT to capture footage of the project and produce a corporate sales video.

Marvin Trade Communication Program

Direct Mail & Email Campaign

Marvin Windows and Doors wanted to launch a campaign that increased awareness and lead generation amongst Architects, Builders, Remodelers and Contractors. Campaign objectives centered around inspiring, educating and influencing trade professionals to consider using Marvin Windows and Doors for their next project.


Radio, Social Media, SEO, SEM, Landing Page

To increase brand awareness and generate leads, WindowRama enlisted FORT to create a campaign for the Tri-State area. The effort sought to encourage consumers to fill out a form that would qualify them to win various prizes throughout the campaign duration. Promotion tactics included Radio, Social Media, SEO and SEM… all driving to a dynamic landing page. Over a 6-month period, we had over 600 submissions and website leads increased by 80%.

Marvin Windows and Doors

TV, Radio, Print, Multi-media

The Great Recession was continuing to negatively impact sales of Marvin Windows and Doors, one of the premier manufacturers of these products in the United States. Senior management at the client agreed to fund a special initiative to ramp up consumer interest. With marching orders in hand, the FORT Group created a multi-faceted campaign within 30 days. Within that first 30-day time frame, the overall conversion rate increased by 24.4%.

Pompeian Olive Oil

National TV Campaign, Print, Digital

Pompeian wanted to explore launching a Smooth EVOO without cannibalizing their existing Robust EVOO sales to capitalize on the growing EVOO segment. Our market research showed that over 85% of consumers were willing to purchase both Smooth and Robust. Our redesign of the Pompeian labels coupled with our TV, print, and digital communication succeeded in capturing incremental sales of Smooth EVOO. Pompeian is now the leading Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand in the U.S.

Silver Palate Kitchens

Creative, TV, Radio

To promote its Grain Berry line of products, Silver Palate Kitchens enlisted FORT to create television and radio commercials. Grain Berry products possess a unique set of characteristics, including a powerful blend of antioxidants to promote healthier living. The key was determining how best to articulate the scientific benefits in a simple, easy to understand manner for maximum memorability.

FCA / GlassCon

Branding, Conference Materials, E-mail Marketing, Website

To serve an unmet need in North America, the Glass Association of North America (GANA) partnered with FCA International to create a new conference, designed to drive innovation in glass technology. FORT was responsible for capturing the essence of this new endeavor and translating it into an effective outreach campaign, that spoke to glass, metal, finishing and glazing contractors.